I thought I’d seen it all!

June 10, 2009

While surfing the net today, I came across an article that truly left me speechless… Almost. (Nothing can leave me completely speechless!)

A nudist couple in their late fifties in Colorado has accused their landlords of discrimination because they are prohibiting the couple from gardening in the nude. Failure to cover up can result in eviction.

Despite the numerous complaints that have been made by neighbors at the offensive sight, the couple remains adamant that their rights are being violated. Now here’s the kicker…

It is not illegal to garden in the nude in Colorado as long as genitals are not exposed. So how do the clever couple combat this law? The wife wears pasties and the husband wears a thong… mental pictures are really bad sometimes.

The landlords of the community property claim that the couple is making the rest of the community uncomfortable, and I have to say I agree.

Who wants to see a fifty plus saggy butt crack hanging out of a thong? That is just wrong! And what about the wife? Come on people pasties? Its kind of like a cross between an over the hill stripper and a hippie.

I am all for the rights of people, but lets face it. There are laws regarding public nudity, (Apparently not in Colorado though) and if anyone were caught walking down the street in an outfit like would be arrested in any other place. Pasties or not, it is wrong.

The couple is living in a community where there are a lot of children. While the couple has the right to their own lifestyle, they do not have the right to shove it down their neighbor’s throats and that is exactly what they are doing. They are trying to prove a point.

There are many communities where nudism is accepted, and there are many other adult housing communities where the couple can live their lifestyle without making everyone else uncomfortable.

Although nudists philosophy is that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, it is also not something to be displayed in public and children should not be subjected to such views.

In making their positions clear, these people are shoving their views down the throats of their neighbors with or without their permission. It is not freedom of expression, it is twisting the laws for their own benefit maybe to get attention maybe for other reasons.

Whatever the reasons, it is not just wrong to parade around in pasties and a thong it is just really gross.

Maybe if people used a little common sense, and took into consideration the needs of the community around them, there would be less conflict in the world. But then again, there would not be any humorous stories to tell!!